Day 8 – March 4th

Antequera Dolmenes

We left Seville and traveled east towards Antequera. On the way we stopped by Alfonso Alcaide’s ceramic business in La Rambla. Alfonso shapes the clay pottery and his wife, daughter and employees hand paint the pottery. The pottery is then fired in his kiln one or two times and sold. Alfonso ships his pottery all over the world. He even has a website where you can purchase his pottery and have it shipped to the states at Alfonso gave our class a chance to try our hand at the turning wheel!

Alfonso’s majic hands at work!

We left La Rambla and continued on to Antequera. During the road trip we went from relatively flat fertile valley fields that were growing vegetables and grains to hilly/mountainous terrain that was mainly used for vineyards and orchards.

Our next stop was Conjunto Arqueologico Dolmenes De Antequera, which was originally used as burial chambers. There were two Dolmenes(Stone underground chambers). One of the chambers had a dug well that was believed to possess healing powers.


Next we headed to the center of the town of Antequera for lunch and had the afternoon to explore.

Bull ring in Antequera