Day 10 – March 6 Granada

We woke up this morning in Velila Taramay to a 7:39AM sunrise on the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunrise over Mediterranean

Our first tour of the day began 700 meters above sea level at Hacienda Senorio de Nevada winery looking at the Sierra Nevada snow top mountains. This is a small winery beginning in 1996. Their high quality wines begin with a soil rich in minerals and a climate where the grapes ripen between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.
ALP Class 17 in front of the snowy mountain top.

ALP Class 17

The vineyard is placed on 21 hectares with 16 of those in vineyards.
It is traditional for women to harvest all the grapes which occurs between September and October. They have tried to export to the United States but it is difficult because of the taxes.
We finished our tour with an opportunity to taste the wine.

Our next tour took us to the Alhambra Palace in Granada. The fortress was originally constructed in the 11th century with its current walls and structure coming in the 13th century when the Moores came in. The palaces have Arabic architecture in all three palaces.