We firmly believe that the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program is a valuable, life-changing experience for participants and a sound investment for those interested in promoting ag and rural leadership in the Hoosier state and beyond, but don’t take our word for it. Please read what our ALP class graduates and supporters say about the program.



Tom Daugherty ~ ALP Class 4 ~ Agriculture Educator ~ Amboy, Indiana

“As I reflect on the effect ALP had on my career and life, the list is enormous. The network, the contacts, and the leadership skills you receive are only the short list of what one receives. I became more proactive in looking at programs. I was one of two selected from Indiana to be a part of the Toyota Teacher Exchange program to Japan. Having a toolbox filled with leadership skills helps in problem solving, community involvement and servant – learning.”


Kenda Resler Friend ~ ALP Class 11 ~ Dow AgroSciences ~ Indianapolis, Indiana

“Being in ALP Class 11 helped me gain true appreciation for the forces shaping agriculture; from rural policy to the halls of DC. Only by understanding the forces at work to help advance – or hold back – agriculture can a leader really determine where to engage. Active leaders who participate and apply passion are key to the advancement of modern agriculture.”


Chris Wooley ~ ALP Class 10 ~ Rosen’s Inc. ~ Denver, Colorado

“It really is a once in a lifetime experience. I want to go back to South Africa. I think that was one of the best experiences in agriculture that I have ever had; and our domestic experiences were second to none. Honestly, if I was not in the program, I would not have gone to a lot of those places, so it widened my horizons.”


Howard Halderman ~ ALP Class 7 ~ Halderman Farm Mgmt. & Real Estate Services ~ Wabash, Indiana

“One of the most valuable assets of ALP is the significant and well –connected network of alumni and leaders throughout Indiana agriculture. Since Class 7’s graduation I’ve touched or been in contact with another graduate or close ALP associate on a monthly basis. This network makes Indiana agriculture strong, vibrant and relevant in many venues such as the Statehouse, Washington, and almost every courthouse in 92 counties. I’ve reaped the benefits of this network and my return on investment is well into the triple digits. Thank you ALP!”


Courtney Knupp ~ ALP Class 15 ~ BASF ~ Raleigh, North Carolina

“I would describe the impact that I have personally received from the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program as network, awareness, and empowerment. The people that I have been able to meet have really made an impression on me and I’m proud to work in an industry where there are so many bright and talented individuals. I have learned a lot about agriculture in Indiana but also how it relates to a national and global level. Most of all, I have seen that being involved and active as a representative of this industry does make a difference.”


Mike Yoder ~ ALP Class 6 ~ Crystal Valley Dairy Farms ~ Middlebury, Indiana

“The ALP experience provided me the opportunity to identify and develop leadership skills, and a desire to continue honing those skills. There was an opportunity to establish deep friendships with people whose opinions I still value greatly. I learned that no matter if a person lives in northern Indiana, southern Indiana or works on a farm in Malaysia – despite the obvious differences we can easily identify, there exists a commonality. Is there a greater leadership skill to discover than helping people find commonality?”


Bob Fulling ~ ALP Class 13 ~ Rabo Agrifinance ~ Indianapolis, Indiana

“I describe the impact of the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program as increased insightfulness and unparalleled networking opportunities. It has provided me with a better understanding of myself, improved my confidence, and enhanced my ability to interact with others in business settings. The old adage that you only get out of something what you put in is applicable to ALP, however I discovered that the more I put in provided an almost exponential return.”


Danica Kirkpatrick ~ ALP Class 15 ~ Purdue University ~ West Lafayette, Indiana

“Much of the learning in the ALP occurs beyond the scope of the curriculum. You absorb things like new critical thinking skills, learn how to ask better questions, and understand agricultural challenges through the lens of multiple industry groups. When you look around and realize the wealth of knowledge from your classmates and other alumni, you understand how powerful this program really is.”


Ryan Martin ~  ALP Class 12 ~ Cargill, Inc. ~ Parker, Colorado

“The Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program provides insight, is eye-opening, and increases awareness. It has certainly given me a greater understanding of all the different forces at work when one looks at agriculture, or any industry for that matter. It has given me a great network of people and friends that I can use as a sounding board or even to just bounce ideas off of. On a scale of 1-10, I look for 11 on value of the program. I look back at my class and I’m humbled to think that I stood shoulder to shoulder with that group of individuals. In comparing this to different leadership programs that other friends and co-workers have been through, this is likely one of the greatest ROI’s out there.”


John Dudenhoeffer ~ ALP Class 13 ~ Grain Processing Corp. ~ Washington, Indiana

“ My experience in Ag Leadership was a lot like rafting through the entire Grand Canyon. It was really interesting and a unique opportunity. I met interesting people. It was sometime overwhelming and never-ending. The experience deepens as time passes. I was glad when it ended, but would do it again in a second.”


Ed Shew ~ ALP Class 3 ~ E & M Farms ~ Clinton, Indiana

“My experiences in the program not only gave me a broader view of Indiana agriculture but also a more worldly education of how agriculture affected all people. Our international travel to China helped me to understand that as a production farmer, we are no longer impacted by just the local or state weather, but also by markets and the economy. I left the ALP with a greater sense of community service and spent over 19 years on the local school board along with involvement in church and other community organizations. The leadership skills I learned from the ALP are still serving me well today in my work and my community participation. ALP made me a much better person as a leader and gave me lifelong friends around the state.”