Investing in AgrIInstitute helps to build a strong agriculture community, a foundation important to our state, country and individual businesses alike. Individuals willing to learn and step into leadership roles is a critical component of that foundation.   AgrIInstitute helps develop these leaders.

Learn more about why these donors invest:

“Harvest Land Co-op recognizes the strength that the cooperative system gains from its history and established success, while also understanding that our work force – and the agriculture industry as a whole – is aging. The need for programs that develop, educate and improve employees in agriculture has never been greater. We believe in the influence of AgriInstitute and support the opportunity it affords the future of Indiana agriculture.” —Scott Logue, President & CEO

According to Pioneer Area Manager Dave Henderson (Class 9), “The insight, experiences and networking that takes place because of AgrIInstitute has helped me to see a much bigger picture of Indiana agriculture, while also learning leadership skills from statewide leaders.  It has helped me to better serve our customers and our community.”

“Hoosier Energy recognizes the need for strong community leadership throughout the 48 Indiana counties where our rural electric members provide electric service, and we know that leadership wears many hats – political leadership, civic leadership, moral and cultural leadership.  The AgrIInstitute provides the best organization we’ve seen for encouraging and incubating the needed leadership that adds to the strength, vitality, and prospects for success in rural communities.”

Thank you to our donors for making our program possible.

See a full list of our donors here.

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