The Program

The Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) provides individuals involved in agriculture and related industries and those who serve rural communities with the opportunity to improve leadership skills, gain understanding and develop the expertise needed to provide leadership in public affairs for their businesses and communities. It is a highly acclaimed professional development opportunity for leaders at all career stages, and is celebrating more than 25 years of building leadership capacity.

Program Purpose

AgrIInstitute sponsors ALP in order to create a cadre of self-assured, highly motivated, professionals who possess the leadership capacity to serve Indiana agriculture and rural communities in public affairs at the local, state, national and international levels.

Program Content

To accomplish this purpose, the program combines 12 seminars (calendar) and two travel opportunities that allow participants to develop effective leadership skills and analyze public issues from various perspectives.

Throughout the program, class members broaden their understanding of all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural issues; expand their network; and participate in group and individual projects that reinforce learning and have direct applications.

Travel study seminars, which include a week in Washington D.C. and approximately two weeks of international study, allow class members to increase exposure to national and international leaders, gain understanding of world issues and cultures, and see firsthand the impact globalization is having on countries across the development spectrum. Seminar facilitators and speakers are experts and opinion leaders from business, industry, and academia.

Participation Cost

A tuition fee of $5,000 is required for each participant in the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program. An investment of approximately $15,000 is made in each ALP participant. All group travel, meals, lodging, and program materials are included in the tuition fee.

The fee is paid in four installments. If fees are 90 days delinquent, the participant will no longer be involved in the program. Transportation costs for in-state seminars and to points of departure for the travel study seminars are the responsibility of the participants. There will be small incidental expenses the participant will be responsible for paying.

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 Class 17 ALP Brochure 

Class 17 applications will be available in the summer of 2015, for class selection January 2016.  The first session for class 17 will occur in July 2016.