Leadering Essentials: Leadership + Feedback, Radical Candor

Beck's Superior Hybrids Conference Center 6767 E. 276th Street, Altanta, IN

Radical Candor provides tools to build interpersonal trust, grow communication skills, and get equipped to have difficult conversations. The course is built around 5, hilarious Radical Candor- Feedback Loop videos that aid in understaning this difficult topic. Laugh while you learn and have an opportunity to apply several skills required to have radically candid conversations.  […]


Leadering Essentials: Coaching for Success

AgReliant Genetics LLC 1122 E. 169th Street, Westfield

When people don't get the coaching they need, they flounder, disengage, get frustrated and they miss out on valuable development. Are you a manager of people, an influencer,  a manager 'in waiting'? This workshop will give you the essential knowledge and skills for integrating coaching into your leadership style. Your improvement leads to helping your […]