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Cress Hizer

    Cresswell Hizer, Class 2


“The ALP Class is mostly responsible for giving me the great opportunity of serving the people of Indiana and its Agriculture Industry. There is seldom a day that goes by that I don’t utilize the network of ALP, for council, advice, and most importantly, friendship!”    

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ALP Directory

Photo of Ray Allison

Ray Allison

Vice President of Administration

Photo of Todd Applegate

Todd Applegate

Professor & Department Head

Photo of Jackie Barber

Jackie Barber

Farmer Relations Manager

Photo of Virgil Bremer
Photo of Daniel Collignon

Daniel Collignon

Executive Vice President/Sr. Commercial Credit Officer

Photo of Jeff Cummins

Jeff Cummins

General Counsel/Director of Public Affairs

Photo of Amanda Deering

Amanda Deering

Clinical Assistant Professor

Photo of Sarah Delbecq

Sarah Delbecq

Vice President / Farm Manager

Photo of Kelly Delp

Kelly Delp

Director of Development

Photo of Shermika Duerson

Shermika Duerson

Companion Animal Vendor Relationship Mgr.

Photo of Chris Fenner

Chris Fenner

AgrIInstitute Board Member



Photo of Meggie Foster

Meggie Foster

Business Development Manager

Photo of Bob Fulling

Bob Fulling

AgrIInstitute Board Treasurer

Photo of Jason Glenn

Jason Glenn

Corporate Distribution and Sustainability

Photo of Aaron Goedde

Aaron Goedde

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Photo of Rob Hays
Photo of Sam Hennessee

Sam Hennessee

St. Tech Sales Representative

Photo of Guy Herrell
Photo of Matt House

Matt House

Agri-Business & Cooperatives BizOps National Leader

Photo of Brett Jones

Brett Jones

Specialty Corn Contracting Agent

Photo of Rebecca Joniskan

Rebecca Joniskan

Chief, Permit Branch, Office Land Quality

Photo of Bruce Kettler

Bruce Kettler

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Don Lamb

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Photo of Phyllis Legan

Phyllis Legan

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Photo of Myron McClure

Myron McClure

Assist. Director, Office of Multicultural Programs

Photo of John Metzger

John Metzger

Director, Global Food Industry Affairs

Photo of Nick Michel

Nick Michel

Grain NuFlexsion Manager

Photo of Matt Nidlinger

Matt Nidlinger

Group Facility Manager

Photo of Amie Osborn

Amie Osborn

AVP, Commercial & Agricultural Lender

Photo of Chelsea Poe

Chelsea Poe

Membership Marketing Specialist Indiana

Photo of Kenda Resler Friend

Kenda Resler Friend

AgrIInstitute Board Secretary

Photo of Todd Rodibaugh

Todd Rodibaugh

Director, Producer & State Relations

Photo of Morgan Saltsgiver

Morgan Saltsgiver

Senior Project Manager

Photo of Eric Schilling

Eric Schilling

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Photo of Somula Schwoeppe

Somula Schwoeppe

Owner Schwoeppe Dairy

Photo of Kyle Shipman

Kyle Shipman

Director, Avian Health & Field Operations

Photo of Tom Sloma

Tom Sloma

AgrIInstitute Board President

Photo of Suzi Spahr

Suzi Spahr

Program Manager

Photo of Mark Thornburg

Mark Thornburg

AgrIInstitute Board Member

Photo of Carrie Vollmer Sanders

Carrie Vollmer Sanders

Nutrient Strategy Manager

Photo of Sarah Wagler
Photo of Nathan Wainscott

Nathan Wainscott

Sustain Account Manager

Photo of Laura Watenpool

Laura Watenpool

Sales Force Excellence Leader, North America

Photo of Julia Wickard

Julia Wickard

AgrIInstititue Board Vice President