Agricultural Leadership Program

The Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) provides individuals involved in agriculture and related industries and those who serve rural communities with the opportunity to improve leadership skills, gain understanding and develop the expertise needed to provide leadership in public affairs for their businesses and communities. Beginning in 1983, this highly acclaimed professional development opportunity prepares leaders at all career stages to advance agriculture.

Program Purpose

ALP creates a cohort of self-assured, highly motivated, professionals who possess the leadership capacity to serve Indiana agriculture and rural communities in public affairs at the local, state, national and international levels.

Program Content

The program combines 12 seminars and two travel opportunities that allow participants to develop effective leadership skills and analyze public issues from various perspectives.

Throughout the program, class members broaden their understanding of all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural issues; expand their network; and participate in group and individual projects that reinforce learning and have direct applications.

Travel study seminars, which include a week in Washington D.C. and approximately two weeks of international study, allow class members to increase exposure to national and international leaders, gain understanding of world issues and cultures, and see firsthand the impact globalization is having on countries across the development spectrum. Seminar facilitators and speakers are experts and opinion leaders from business, industry, and academia.


Who participates in the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program?

Individuals employed in the various sectors of agriculture and related industries, representing farming and production agriculture, agribusiness and industries, government agencies, extension and education, service industries, trade and commodity organizations and others.  Anyone involved in any aspect of agriculture from farm to fork, energy, forestry, energy, transportation, service providers, and more should consider this professional development opportunity.

What are the Benefits of Participating in ALP?

There are many potential benefits.  Graduates of the program identify the expanded network of industry contacts, professional growth in leadership capacities, and  a broader understanding of depth and breadth of the agricultural industry as key benefits.  In addition. the exposure to experts, political influencers and decision makers, and increased understanding of policy development  process are stated as important value. 

What does the tuition cover?

Tuition for each participant is $6000.  This covers lodging, meals, program materials, tours, airfare for domestic and international study seminars.  In addition to the tuition, class members are responsible for travel expense from their home to the seminar location (or departure airport), incidental expenses, and passports/visa/vaccinations associated with international travel.

Who is eligible to participate? Are their age restrictions?

Anyone  engaged in the agricultural industry and related industries is eligible to apply.  There are no age restrictions or educational requirements. Anyone selected to participate must be able to attend all twelve sessions (100% attendance is required) and be in a position apply  time and expertise in leadership capacities to serve agriculture.  Individual, when selected to participate, must be a resident of Indiana or be able to demonstrate that the majority of their business interest is in Indiana.  Participants who move out of state after acceptance/beginning program will be allowed and encourage to continue participation.

Where is the International Study Seminar ?

The International Study Seminar destination is determined by the AgrIInstitute Board of Directors, on the recommendation of the ALP Curriculum Committee.  Each ALP class travels to different destinations.  Several factors influence the travel destination decision including trade/market opportunity, agricultural interests, travel experience of class members and many other factors. 

What are the expectations of class members after completing the program?

It is expected that the class members will use their expertise, skills and passion to advance the agricultural industry. This service will include the respective business and industry where they are employed.  It is hoped that they might seek elected and appointed positions of service in agriculture/related  trade and membership organization.   Some will seek public office as local, state or national levels.  Regardless of where they choose to apply their talent, it is expected to be for the purpose of serving agriculture.  

What is the selection process?

To participate in the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program you must apply and be selected to participate.  A new class is selected every two years.  Eligible candidates will have completed the ALP application (available on this website) and submitted according to the deadlines.  Each candidate will participate in an interview.  The ALP Selection team interviews candidates and selects up to a class of 30 individuals to participate in each class. 

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