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Cress Hizer

    Cresswell Hizer, Class 2


The ALP Class is mostly responsible for giving me the great opportunity of serving the people of Indiana and its Agriculture Industry. There is seldom a day that goes by that I don’t utilize the network of ALP, for council, advice, and most importantly, friendship!”    


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Photo of Martin Mike Yoder

Family: Married to Rhonda for 39 years, she is a music teacher at Jefferson Elementary. We have two daughters, two son-in laws and the latest grandchildren count is 5.
Farmer: Raised on a dairy farm in Middlebury. After graduating from Michigan State University Institute of Ag Technology, I purchased our family dairy farm. Starting with 28 dairy cows in 1978, the business gradually expanded to over 500 cows and farming about 1,000 acres.…

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Photo of Greg Bilbrey

Greg Bilbrey

Key Account Manager

1984 BS Tennessee Tech University

1984 – 1988 Tennessee Farmers Co-op – manager trainee; manager

1998 – 1990 MS University of Tennessee – animals science; swine production management

1990-2006 Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op/Countrymark/Land O’Lakes – feed sales, service, management, production records

2006-2016 Agri Stats, Inc – swine production/processing benchmarking, global senior account manager – started operations in US, CAN, MEX, Russia, Latin America, South Korea – data analytics and opportunity analysis

2016 – current – Key Account Manager for PIC Swine Genetics – manage key accounts IN, MI, OH, PA, TN; operate swine grow-finish benchmarking comparison.…

Photo of Kenda Resler Friend

Kenda Resler Friend

Founder & President

Peter van der Vegt

Regional Sales Manager

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Photo of Gary Book

Gary Book

Assistant Vice President Retail Credit Underwriting

Photo of Meredith Cobb

Meredith Cobb

AgrIInstitute Board Secretary, PU College of Agriculture Operations Manager

Photo of Amanda Deering

Amanda Deering

Clinical Assistant Professor

Photo of Sarah Delbecq

Sarah Delbecq

Vice President / Farm Manager

Photo of Kelly Delp

Kelly Delp

Director of Development

Photo of Shermika Duerson

Shermika Duerson

Director Administrative Service Center

Photo of Jennie Hodgen

Jennie Hodgen

Hodgen Farms & Merck Animal Health

Photo of Nicole Roberts

Nicole Roberts

Marketing Manager

Photo of Hans Hans Schmitz

Hans Hans Schmitz

Purdue Extension Educator

Photo of Hannah Vorsilak

Hannah Vorsilak

Sr. Dir. Marketing Operations & Leadership Dir., ISA/ICMC

Class 18

Photo of Ray Allison

Ray Allison

Vice President of Administration

Photo of Virgil Bremer
Photo of Daniel Collignon

Daniel Collignon

Executive Vice President/Sr. Commercial Credit Officer

Photo of Jeff Cummins

Jeff Cummins

General Counsel/Director of Public Affairs

Photo of Meggie Foster

Meggie Foster

Business Development Manager

Photo of Jason Glenn

Jason Glenn

Corporate Distribution and Sustainability

Photo of Rob Hays

Rob Hays

In Memory. Rob suddenly passed away in 2020 leaving an amazing legacy of impact across Indiana.

Photo of Sam Hennessee

Sam Hennessee

St. Tech Sales Representative

Photo of Guy A. Herrell
Photo of Matt House

Matt House

Agri-Business & Cooperatives BizOps National Leader

Photo of Brett Jones

Brett Jones

Specialty Corn Contracting Agent

Photo of Myron McClure

Myron McClure

Assist. Director, Office of Multicultural Programs

Photo of John Metzger

John Metzger

Director, Global Food Industry Affairs

Photo of Nick Michel

Nick Michel

Grain NuFlexsion Manager