Investing in AgrIInstitute helps to build a strong agriculture community, a foundation important to our state, country and individual businesses alike. Individuals willing to learn and step into leadership roles is a critical component of that foundation.   AgrIInstitute helps develop these leaders.  Thank you to the following companies and individuals who supported AgrIInstitute in 2022 with their annual support gifts, ALP Benefit Auction donations and purchases, ALP Golf Sponsorships and team participation, ALP Seminar Sponsorships, and support of the other AgrIInstitute Events.   The listings in BOLD are donors giving for the first time, those returning after a break, or who have increased the level of support.

Numerous other individuals, businesses, and organizations contribute time and expertise for presentations, staff time for projects, and volunteer for committee membership and board service.  These in- kind contributions are significant in helping to achieve the mission of preparing leaders to advance agriculture.

The time, talent and treasure contributed to AgrIInstitute makes a difference.  We honor these supporters who are committed to Preparing Leaders to Advance Agriculture.

Every attempt is made to present this information accurately.  If there is an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that a correction can be made.


$10,000 – $20,000

AgrIInstitute Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

CHS Foundation

Farm Credit Mid-America

Indiana Soybean Alliance


$1,000 – $2499

AgPlus Cooperative

AgrIInstitute Fund of Community Foundation of Boone County

AgrIInstitute Fund of Daviess County Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Community Foundation of DeKalb County

AgrIInstitute Fund of Kosciusko County Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Wayne County Community Foundation

The Anderson Foundation


Bose McKinney & Evans

Farbest Foods

Farm Bureau District 3

First Farmers Bank and Trust

First Financial Bank

Brian and Lorene Furrer Foundation

Halderman Farm Mgt. & Real Estate Co.

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. 

Indiana Packers

ISA Policy and Membership

Indiana State Poultry Assoc. 

Jerry Nelson Leadership Fund of AgrIInstitute of Knox County Community Foundation

Land O’Lakes Foundation * match Ag Plus

LLSS Partnership/Larry Rusch

Ryan and Katie Nelson

Merchants Bank

Miers Farms/ Mary Miers

Premier Companies

Red Gold 

Tom and LuAnn Troxel

Don and Joyce Villwock

Dale and Nicole Winger


$5,000 – $7,499


Co-Bank, Keystone Cooperative,  Kevin Still

Corteva Agriscience

Farm Bureau Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Heritage Fund (Bartholomew County)

Indiana Corn Marketing Council

Marion County Farm Bureau

Peggy Naile

N.K. Hurst

$500 – $999

Advisors Commercial Real Estate

AgrIInstitute Fund of Benton Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Community Foundation of Grant County

AgrIInstitute Fund of Hancock County Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Hendricks County Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Johnson County Community Foundation

Jim and Beth Archer

Dan and Susan Arnholt

Bayer Crop Science Matching Matt and Barb Robertson

John and Barbara Baugh

Beacon Ag

Boone County Farm Bureau

Ken Canfield

Gary and Betty Chapman

Lowell Carnahan & Sons/Dennis & Pat Carnahan

Tom and Kerry Dull

Michael and Maralee Edmondson

Aaron and Jennifer Goedde

Chase and Mallory Harris

Joe Horstman

Levi and Norma Huffman


Scott and Cheryl Maple

Maple Leaf Farms

Milligan Farms/ Tom and Sandy Milligan

Jim and Kathy Moseley

North Salem State Bank

Matt and Erin Oberlies

Barb and Matt Robertson

David  and Alison Smith

Larry and Martha Tempel

Jeff and Lisa Troike

Truax Farms/Hal and Suzie Truax

Justin and Sarah Wagler

John Whittington




$2,500 – $5,000

AgrIInstitute Fund of Greater Lafayette Community Foundation

AgrIInstitute Fund of Wells County Community Foundation

Co-Bank * match Ceres Solutions


Elanco Animal Health

Jim and Maggie Hurst

Indiana Pork

Keystone Cooperative

Lamb Farms / Don and Jodi Lamb

Land O’ Lakes matching Keystone Cooperative

United Animal Health


$250 – $499

ALP Class 4

ALP Class 8

ALP Class 9

ALP Class 12

ALP Class 13

ALP Class 17

ALP Class 19

ALP Class 20

AgrIInstitute Fund of Wabash Valley Community Foundation

Archer Daniels Midland

Dr. Marianne Ash

Cary and Sarah Aubrey

Katie Barnett Benner and Jason Benner

Chrisly and Megan Baugh

Paul & Cindy Baute

Beck’s Superior Hybrids

Matt and Sarah Browning

Ellsworth and Nancy Christmas

Kelly Delp

Burt and Rozanne Etchison

Chris and Lisa Eck

Amir and Kristen Faghih

Gelfius Farms/ Bill and Norma Gelfius

Todd and Kathy Greenwood

Mark and Jennifer Guinn

Joel and Kara Hartman

Abby Heidenreich

Dr. Daniel and Telynda Hendrickson

Mike and Dee Hirt

Horizon Bank

Janzen Agricultural Law LLC

Joe and Amy Kelsay

Kentland Elevator

Courtney Knupp

Don and Jodi Lamb

Jon and Kay Lantz

Dan and Mary Meagher

Jerry and Sovilla Mennen

Nick and Andrea Michel

Samantha Miller

Joe and Betsy Milner

Dr. Jiqin Ni and Xiaoming Xu

John O’Hair

Marty and Linda Park

Tom and Jenna Parker

Perdue Farms

Greg and Belinda Puetz

Ma and Melissa Rekeweg

Briantt and Kenda Resler Friend

Todd and Lynn Rodibaugh

Rush County Farm Bureau

Shelby County Farm Bureau

Mark Scheumann

Mark and Lindsay Schmitt

Brianna Schroeder and Peter Kurinsky

Adam and Ashley Schultz

Ed Shew

Roger Sherer

Stoney Creek Veterinary Service/Daniel and Telynda Hendrickson

Mark and Julie Thornburg

Roger Tormoehlen

Brad and Stefanie Walker

Fred and Linda Walker

Andy and Joni Wallman

David and Suzanne Whicker

Jerry Williams

Brian and Jeannie Wise

Samantha Vedder

Ken Zanzalar

$100 – $249

Anthony and Cindi Aaron

John and Dr Tamilee Adolph

Agrarian Risk Mgt./Clint Cragen

Kim and Gina Ames

Cindy Barnett

Matt Bechdol

Amy Berg

Leah Beyer

Biddle Farms

Dave Booher and Stephanie Hughs

Virgil Bremer

Paul and Linda Brennan

Craig Bright

Brocksmith Farms/Bill and Joann Brocksmith

Susan Brocksmith

Crystal Bucker

Stephanie Burton

Kyle and Abi Bymaster

Craig and Beth Carter

Glen and Nancy Casada

Cayla Chiddister

Rodney and Brenda Clamme

Meredith Cobb

Dan and Kim Collignon

David Day

Josh and Megan DeVelvis

Jerry and Shelly DeVore

Mike and Paula Ferree

Kayla Fogg

Bob and Tracy Fulling

Todd and Kathie Greenwood

Jack Haefling

Pete Hanebutt

David and Danielle Hardin

Doug Harvey

Jay Hawley

Dave and Georgi Henderson

Ken and Deborah Hendrickson

Regan Herr

Paul and Jennie Hodgen

Mike and Raylee Honeycutt

Indiana Beef Cattle Assn.

Indiana Extension Educators Assn.

Todd Janzen

Ed and Rebecca Joniskan

Deborah Jordan

Neasa Kalme

Matt and Lucy Keller

Tim Keller

Matt and Jessica Legan

Trent and Heather Lindenman

Myron and April McClure

Bill Malle

Bret Marsh

Eric and Mindy McEwen

Gary and Johnna Michael

Sarah Prince

Al Osterlund

Emily Otto Tice and Ed Tice

Kalen and Chelsea Poe

Doug Pond

Aron Rhoads

Greg Slipher and Melissa Nelson

David Smith

Starr Farms Partnerships/Brad Starr

Scott and Abbi Strickland

Tom and Tricia Sloma

Bernie and Jamie Sukala

Tim Tabert

Andy and Ginny Tauer

Nick and Beth Tharp

Don and Peggy Tyler

Kent and Joy Yeager

Justin and Sarah Wagler

John and Lynn Whittington

Andrew and Amy Winger

Rick and Linda Winkler

Mark and Desiree Woodruff


Under $100

Eric and Leslie Adair

Ray and Jennifer Allison

Todd Applegate

Amber Barks

Beacon Ag

Jim and Jan Beaty

Wayne and Dennise Belden

Ryan and Nicole Bell

Kess and Amy Berg

Mat and Julie Berger

Chris Bierhaus

Greg and Angela Bilbrey

Shelly Bingle

Jim and Nicole Bishop

Brian and Cindy Blackford

Elli Blain

Micah and Amanda Borne

Stephanie Burton

Kyle Bymaster

Jason and Kristy Carlile

Glen and Nancy Casada

Matt and Michelle Casner

Gary Coleman

Kendell Culp

Marjorie Craft

Jodie Creek

Tom and Jennifer Daugherty

Brian and Janelle Deatsman

Decatur County Farm Bureau

Amanda Deering and Dr. Robert Pruitt

Tracie Egger

Jerry and Lisa Fankhauser

Chris and Tanya Fenner

Dallas Foster

Julie Gray

Brett and Katie Glick

Rick and Laura Gentis

Dan and Julie Harper

Kelly Heckaman

Danielle Hicks-Appleton

Cress and Lynne Hizer

Matthew and Amy House

Cindy Hoye

Duane and Jane Huge

Indiana Beef Cattle Association

Greg Janzow

Brett and Jan Jones

Brian and Jayde Ketring

Courtney Kingery

Kent and Lynn Kleeman

Greg Kneubuhler

Mark Koehne

KRF Public Relations

Kyle Kuehnert

Grant and Courtney Lamie

Mike and Peggy Maroney

Brad McCord

Jeff and Gwen Mize

Jason and Sarah Moulin

Keith and Amanda Mosiman

Trek and Tammy Murray

Matt and Haleigh Nidlinger

Clint Noyes

Vincent and Amie Osborn

Cary and Cindy Pearl

Clay Preston

Don Ratliff

Megan Ritter

Guy and Amanda Schafer

Hans and Cindy Schmitz

Rodney and Carol Ann Schwoeppe

Scott and Rhonda Sheets

Tom and Brenda Shepherd

Edward and Suzi Spahr

Chuck Sponhauer

Arthur Thomas

Jeff and Lisa Troike

Matt and Jessica Truster

Isaac and Trista VanNice

Jay and Jennifer Vanderburg

Daryl and Sandy Warren

Stacie Warner

Lisa Wilson

Joshua Winrotte

Chris and Julia Wickard

Linda Wood

Phillip Zimmerman

Rob Hays Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bob and Joan Hays and Family

John and Barbara Baugh

Jim and Maggie Hurst

Ed and Becky Joniskan       

Myron and April McClure

Matt and  Haleigh Nidlinger

Brett Roberts

Peter Kurinsky and Brianna Schroeder

Ed and Suzi Spahr

Chris and Julia Wickard

Young Dairyman’s Association


Special Event Sponsors

Indiana Corn Marketing Council

Indiana Soybean Alliance

Indiana Farm Bureau

ALP  Seminar In Kind  Sponsors

BioTown Ag

CBG, Bill McBee & Joe Crissup


Elanco, Eric Schilling


IN Corn Marketing Council

IN Farm Bureau

IN Soybean Alliance

The Nature Conservancy

Tom Parker

Kent Burton

Amanda Mosiman

Mark Schmidt

Susan Brocksmith

Dan Collignon