Class 17 Blog

ALP Class 17 will travel to Portugal and Spain for their capstone study.   Their fourteen days of travel will include a time in Lisbon, Portugal and the surrounding area and southern Spain including Seville, Antequera, Granada, Cordoba and Madrid.  The study agenda will provide  extensive exploration into the diverse aspects of agricultural  including the  cork, fishing, horticultural, and animal sectors.   Meetings will be held with industry leaders, with government decision makers, and local influencers to better understand the agricultural industry. The group will be studying efforts that have transformed the rural economies in both countries. The time in both countries will provide an opportunity to learn about the political, economic, cultural and social landscape that makes these countries unique.   The ALP Class 17 members will be sharing a bit of Hoosier Hospitality during their travels.

We hope you will follow along as we share about our experience.   Check back often for pictures and stories of what we learn and experience.  We look forward to introducing Portugal and Spain to you.